The Artist Challenge

A Private Art Club for Artists, Art Patrons and Fool Hardy Souls

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Pull up a chair and be of good cheer."

The artist awaits you.....

What the Heck is This Site?

What is The Artist Challenge?
The Artist Challenge is ‘dare’ between artists. Example: “How would a foolish soul like you portray ‘Hope’  in a singular image or artwork?” It all started with artists Michael Edens and Vikki North in 2008. The very first challenge is still Live on Michael’s Art Blog.

How does it work and what are the requirements?
The theme for the challenge will be clearly defined at the first of every month with links to research the subject. It’s origins may come from the artists, patrons or some other unlikely spirit.

The challenge can be done in any style or medium the artist chooses. (Painters, Sculptures and craftsmen are all welcome.) Each member is given 30 days to render their concept and post their masterpiece on The Artist Challenge site by the specified drop dead date.

How do I join this thing?
It’s FREE! Just send us your artwork by the drop dead date!

Why do it?
The challenges are an extraordinary exercise in conceptualizing a subject for the artist.  Don’t assume it’s easy. This is not a place for the lazy at heart or amateur. The challenges require thought and may be subjects you would never dare select on your own. Are you brave enough?

Do I have to participate in every challenge?

Why a Private Artist Club?
Because we’re different and can speak our secret artist language amongst each other.

What are the cost?
FREE! There’s no payments, EVER, with The Artist Challenge. In the age of the internet we feel it’s a disservice to charge for sharing your work with the world. The Artist Challenge is completely ad supported, thus providing everyone with the best experience possible.

What do I get out of it?
You and your site will get online exposure with The Artist Challenge Site and potential sales and contacts for marketing your artwork. You get membership in an elite group of artists who will inspire and push you to be your best. And if you’re really good, we may even throw you a patron to feast upon.

Can I or my entry be rejected by the host?

What happens if a patron wants to purchase my art?
The sale of your art is 100% yours. We do not take a percentage. The Artist Challenge promotes the work to prospective buyers but does not get involved in any transaction, handling of art or mediate between artist and buyer. All inquires from any wayward fool with his money will be directed to your artist contact.

A Note from Your Hosts
The hosts at The Artist Challenge are online artists. We understand the struggle of marketing your work online. We are a very active in the community of artists and art organizations. We are listed in the Artist Directories and in partnership with fine art galleries. We publicize the theme galleries making regular announcements in Art News and Art Magazines. Participation in The Artist Challenge is another resource for potential sales and contacts for marketing your artwork.

Your participation in The Artist Challenge includes your artwork being displayed in the respective theme gallery and will continue to be displayed regardless of how many themes you participate in. Your website will be linked and you will receive online exposure and visibility with The Artist Challenge promotions. You will have access to artist resources and support. You will have a ‘say’ in creating future Challenge themes. Most important, you get membership in an elite group of artists who will inspire and push you to be your best!


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